Things are working!

We have progress! And parts!

Having ordered two converters, they have arrived and are all good and working (goodbye, bodge job!), so we now have power to the board and are doing final API testing before we add the rest of the code (hopefully next week) and begin adding attachments.

We have also checked up with everyone in terms of challenges and where we up to, and we have the results:

  1. Lava Palava - we need one more session once we have movement to align everything and just check the function.

  2. Eco disaster - colour recognition is getting there, but we still need to mount the PixyCam and get the code done.

  3. Minesweeper - almost done just need final coding when other bits and pieces are done.

  4. Escape Route - one more session once the API is done.

  5. Pi Noon - practice movement once that is all working.

  6. Zombie Apocalypse - we need to wire the gun into the main power supply, and then sort the servos (which we have) and the actuator (which we don’t).

  7. Temple of Doom - we need movement and then practice.

  8. The blogging - weekly posts are happening, we just need to add on the pictures of the team and their quotes in the ‘About’ section.

  9. Technical merit - this is Inigo’s area of expertise and is happening already.

  10. Artistic merit and most disastrous robot - this is for the design team to do - we have the beginning of mock ups happening now.

Other key things this lunch have including removing more wires and safety features on the gun and lots of API testing (solid effort Freddie).

The only downside today has been that the crack the arduino has got larger so we need to order another one of those.

Well done everyone for a good session!

By Laura Hollister

Written on January 29, 2020