Meet The Team!

We are a Year 12 robotics team from Dr Challoner’s Grammar School who are going to compete in this year’s Pi Wars Challenge.


Luke Amos

Cake 4 Lyfe

Emmanuel De Vidal

I Am Inevitable

Maximillian Iyengar

(Nominally) Following After Planck

Lucas Kolb

There's No Point In Being Grown Up If You Can't Act A Little Childish Sometimes

Louis Mills

"I Have A Dream" - Giorno Giovanna

Joshua Reynolds

If You Aren't Confused By Quantum Mechanics You Don't Understand It


Henry Davies

Sometimes I wish I was nicer. Then I laugh and continue my day.

Inigo Stratton

Don't Quote Me

Bloggers and Website

Luke Amos I seeing double?

Laura Hollister

If You Can't Give Me Poetry, Can't You Give Me Poetical Science?

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