Beginning Blogging

A half term into joining Robotics here at DCGS, I am simultaneously impressed and concerned by the amount of work we have managed to get done.

We have ordered a new chassis, which has since arrived, and put it together (yay for tiny screwdivers), only to discover one of our jack wrenches has a hole drilled wrong. This led to various attempts at bodging it before eventually giving up and handing it over to someone to re-drill at home. I will confess I decided not to ask how this was going to happen, given how frequently my team will try things that make me want to scream about health and safety. The downsides of being a mum-friend.

In terms of software we seem to be slowly trundling along. We have gone through the challenges and worked out what code we need for each one, as well as which we are going to do automatically and manually. We do now have a robot that moves (mostly), and so getting code done for the challenges so we can begin testing is the aim for pre-Christmas. One of our coders is finishing up our movement code, and another is working with Open CV to create image detection software for the eco-disaster challenge, so our robot can sort the barrels by colour. With any luck this code wil also help us with the minesweeper challenge as well. Some other people are currently researching our gun options for the zombie challenge - I was slightly concerned about the conversation abut relative bullet firing speeds until I understood the context.

The other part of today’s meeting has been finalising our controller map - as people are beginning to know what button’s are needed for what, we decided we would just map certain buttons to certain functions on our Playstation controller.

By Laura Hollister

Written on November 27, 2019