The beeping boards

Today we’ve had a distinct lack of people but that hasn’t stopped us from getting some work done.

In terms of the API and the robot the code works, and all our motors are wokring and responding to the code! The new arduino has helped, but we do still need a new motor controller as currently only some of the slots are actually providing any voltage. We’ve tested all the boards with our micrometer and made some truly delightful beeping noises, and are ready to begin driving the robot about at medium to moderate speeds and hoping it doesn’t crash into any bench legs.

In terms of our shooting system its beginning to look good. The feeder for the bullets is going well and the bullets are travelling fast and straight across the room (and often into other memebers of the team but that’s fine).

Hopefully another session tomorrow will get us back on track a bit more as we should have people returning from illness and DofE expedition training.

By Laura Hollister

Written on February 12, 2020