Nerf or Nuthin'

This week my main focus was the Zombie Apocalypse challenge, as we had decided to use an actual nerf gun for this one and I was curious to see how exactly that was going to work.

And we’re not talking about tiny Nerf Jolt here, we’re talking about this semi-auto bad boy:

Now the kid in my brain was telling me that this was a perfect idea, but the rational adult was screaming in agony at the huge amount of work that would have to go into mounting this thing. But being an adult is boring so for the moment I am reasonably confident we can do it.

The gun itself comes equipped with a flywheel as well as a clip filled with six foam darts. As well as a regular trigger there’s a separate button to start the flywheel and as long as that’s pressed down pulling the trigger sends out the darts without any loading or unloading required. Therefore our basic idea revolves around using servos to hold down the flywheel button the whole time and press the trigger down on command.

As for aiming, one possible idea is to position our PixyCam in such a way that allows us to look directly through our custom-built heavily-bodged red dot sight. Then we’d mount the gun on some sort of plate that could be spun by a stepper motor. As you can tell we’re still in the very early ideas stage for this challenge but we’ve got enough time to try different methods and see what works (if any of them do).

Oh, and we may need insurance that covers nerf-related injuries…

By Luke Amos

Written on December 4, 2019