The busy beehive

Today’s session has been a flurry of activity.

In terms of design, we have acquired some card over the last week and it has all been cut out ready to be constructed into the casing for the robot and then it can be decorated. It may have taken three different stanley knives but we got there eventually!

We also reached a very exciting point with the robot itself: wireless connection and 360 degree movement. One of the joysticks on our controller now controls all the movement on the robot and it is happily making its way across our lab floor. Luke is planning to take the robot home over the weekend and calibrate and test the line and ultrasonic sensors.

Josh has been busily working away, constructing a very cool wooden structure to hold the barrels for the eco disaster challenge which is now almost done and looks great. Over the next week we should have a way to make it detachable onto the robot.

Max, Lucas and Emmanuel have been working hard to finsih off our zombie apocalypse challenge and I’m happy to say that it’s going well.

The aim next week is to add the attachments onto the robot, test how some of them work (line sensors, obtsacle course, balloon popping) and also get going finishing up the design. The competition is getting closer and closer and, thankfully, so is our robot.

We have some photos and videos that should be going on our twitter later today so you can see what we’ve been up to, and a video of the robot moving around the lab should make its way up over the next few days.

By Laura Hollister

Written on March 4, 2020