Please no one hurt themselves or each other.

Today has been a very productive session - from API links, the nerf gun, soldering and the design team.

We have progress on the nerf gun front! We are getting rid of much of the nerf gun, simplifying the gun down to the barrel, the motor, the bullet store and the battery. We have shot lots of bullets at walls and each other, and thankfully no-one got hurt so we are all good on that front. We have a small servo to reload bullets, assisted by the nerf technology, and a large servo from last year which will be used for aiming. I am going to bring in a small laser pointer (my cats realised that the laser comes from the odd mouse shaped thing and don’t bother attacking it), which will help with the aiming system.

In terms of soldering, we raided the electronics lab for solder and soldering irons to bodge some wires whilst we wait for the parts (which have been re-ordered off amazon prime). After a long fight with the soldering iron (which does appear to be older than me) we have successfully soldered two wires. This means our robot now has power! And, as a bonus, despite having eight hands very close to the soldering iron we thankfully finished our meeting burnless.

The API team (made of Freddie) and our colour recognition team (Aidan, Josh and Max) have worked out what’s going on with each other’s tasks, and the aim for next week is to get all of the colour recognition code connected up to that so we can start testing.

We also had a conversation with our design team today and have an idea - custom stickers of assorted disastrous events and things from the last few years. Currently ideas include Trump or possibly just the american government, the Wii U, Fallout 76 and the Hindenburg disaster.

Overall, a solid week! Next week the aim is get all the code organised, start testing and sort out where we are on all of the challenges.

By Laura Hollister

Written on January 22, 2020