Chassis Progress

After missing last week’s meeting due to an unfortunately timed cold, I was happy to arrive in the lab today to see a nerf gun, several people coding and (thankfully) a chassis with all four motors working.

Inigo, not only fixing the motor so the wheel doesn’t constantly fall off, has also managed to wire in an arduino so the motors can be controlled by our API which is constantly being updated and worked on. Other coding currently going on includes colour sensing (for the barrel sorting) and nerf-gun-aiming (for the Zombie Apocalypse).

Over today’s session, we have (almost) finalised a list of parts we need to buy pre-Christmas with the aim to have the coding almost done by the aim of January so we can work on debugging, testing and trying to prevent the robot breaking on the day.

A smaller team within our larger team has begun brainstorming design ideas. Current possibilities include Mad Max, a volcano and having something shake to be an earthquake. Whatever we come up with, I’m sure it’ll end up looking good - or at the very least, the theme is ‘disaster’, and I am very confident in our ability to make the robot look disastrous.

While the school may be winding down towards Christmas, we certainly aren’t slowing down.

By Laura Hollister

Written on December 11, 2019