The Visitors

Some of our parts have arrived! Our line sensors have made their way to us through the post and are ready to be screwed onto our robot. Luke knows where they are going, and hopefully will be making his way to the elctronics lab over this week to drill some holes and screw everything down. We have also tested them with the pi and they are working well which is nice.

Our group working on the pixie cam have progressed from colour recognition to movement. The pixie cam can be connected to a pi and pass information across, meaning the next task is that the robot needs to react to this data. In term of eco diasater, the idea is as followed:

  1. Robot is pointed towards a barrel and moves towards it.
  2. Pixie cam recognises what colour the barrel is
  3. Robot moves towards barrel, placing itself ready to push the barrel.
  4. Robot turns towards correct coloured area and moves toward it until it recognises the wall is close (due to our ultrasonic sensors).
  5. Robot turns around again until it locates another barrel.

In terms of our nerf gun (the ongoing challenge) today newton meters were retrieved from the depths of the cupboard in order to work out how much force was required to pull the trigger and cause the bullet to fire. Hopefully we should have an actuator chosen by the end of today.

We also had a selection of visitors today. The robotics team from the year above us, who competed last year, came to see how we were getting on. The feedback seemed mostly positive (thank god) - apparently we are further on than they were at this point last year (yay for organisation, setting deadlines and threatening to confiscate people’s phones when tehy are listening to music instead of working). They were also impressed by how smoothly we were interfacing with our robot. It was really nice to get some positive feedback, especially as we haven’t had the easiest couple of meetings.

We also had a couple of the physics teachers drop in and have a look at what was going on which was nice as well.

By Laura Hollister

Written on January 15, 2020