Things are looking up!

Today has been a successful session, with a lot of things coming together. We had a good turnout and the atmosphere in the lab was both positive and hopeful that we may actually be finished on time.

The first positive aspect of today was that we finally have an arduino and a motorboard controller that are working together properly and in tandem, so we now have all for wheels moving fast together. We did realise one of the wheels was on backwards, but this was an easy fix. The robot seems to be moving nice and fast and it is turning around pretty quickly, and the perpendicular movement is insanely cool (we have videos on twitter!). This is super exciting as we can finally check a couple of challenges fully off the list. The key thing now is to get the wireless controller set up so we can begin final testing.

In terms of other things coming on, we have a lot of sawing and wood around the lab today as we start some construction pieces. Inigo has been building some cases for the line sensors ready to be mounted, and Josh has been building an attachment to catch the barrels for the eco disaster challenge.

We are also beginning to get all the code working together which is good. We have a team working on making the servo connect up to the raspberry pi ready for the zombie apocalypse challenge.

The design team has also been working hard on getting final designs put together. Angus has been dutifully drawing out the designs so we can begin construction of the outer shell of the robot and decorate. The final design for the robot (it has changed several times) is a VW style van, disaster style. We are planning to add scratches, maybe rust, and assorted other dents and maybe some spikes and bolts if we have time.

The other key event of today’s session was the final organisational bits and pieces for the competition itself. 14 of us will be heading up to Cambridge on the Friday to have a look around, and then we are staying the night before competing on the Saturday.

All in all it has been a very successful session, and we are all looking forward to the competition itself.

By Laura Hollister

Written on February 26, 2020